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Corporate Videos
Friday, January 18, 2019

Corporate Videos

Reach your customers and clients with our High Quality Corporate Video production. We will also help optimize your video and market it on the web to assure you it reaches your target audience.We provide 3 types of Corporate Video Production Packages. They are the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Package Videos. The Silver Package involves a sit-down interview with the client and some basic non-choreographed B-Roll. The Gold Package Videos involve a more organized and choreographed production. Instead of an interview, the client usually creates a script and choreographs staff and customers to act for B-Roll. The Platinum Package involves a combination of the Silver and Gold Package with added graphics and animation for the video creating higher production and quality video value. There are examples video for each package on the links below.

Corpoarte Videos Packages Image

Silver Package Video example: click here
Gold Package Video example: click here
Platinum Package Video example: click here

Let's start with the question "why should a company or business consider having a video for themselves?" Well, it's quite simple. Video gives viewers or customers a better idea of what their company is about without having the customer read about it. In a nutshell, it reaches potential customers or clients on a more personal level. They can see who they will be dealing with, and how the company looks and runs. Everyone feels more comfortable when they already have a visual idea of what to expect with a company, so we do our best to make sure your video is done properly.

Not many people realize it, but YouTube have become the second most clicked site in the world after Google. This tells us that people are looking at video as more of a search engine to find out how to do things and learn about a product before searching about it on the website. Viewers don't always like to read a boring text page when they can feel like they can be taught about something visually. Video helps viewers respond more positively to a company and give the company more reliability if the viewer likes what they see.

Another question is,"after I shoot the video, how do I get people to watch my video?" Well not only do we do the production for you but if you'd like, we can also help you optimize your corporate video. Optimizing the video means that we will package the video that makes it easier to find on the web with the proper load time. We do this by doing an extensive amount of research for the proper keywords that would best fit your videos message. We don't just pick random keywords to add to the video. We research the keywords that get clicked on the most that would be suite your videos message to increase clicks, therefore improving the visibility on YouTube and Google search engines. This process can make all the difference when wanting to stand out from your competitors in the web market.

From Infomercials for your company’s newest product to training videos for Oil and Gas Company’s next Production, Diet Productions can deliver a state of the art finished product within the tightest of budget constraints. 

Whether the shoot is on location or in our state of the art virtual studio, Diet Productions will deliver.  Our state of virtual set technology allows us to Tricaster your way into any one of thousands of different virtual sets dramatically lowering production costs as well. 

Diet Productions also offers comprehensive media packages which include pre-purchased airtime with some of Houston’s largest television networks.  Together we can take your production from lights, camera, action to broadcast television.

Tailored solutions for your business, regardless of size or budget, let us make you a Winner!  Contact us today to set up a meeting.