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About Us
Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Diet productions will deliver the highest quality production for each of our clients. Using our principles of award winning service, you can expect a customer experience you will be talking about years after your project has been completed. Diet productions will work tirelessly to tailor-make your production according to your budget, needs, and expectations utilizing our experience, talent, technology, passion for quality, and desire to earn your business over and over again; we pledge to provide you with a full service production and finished product you deserve. Let us show you how Diet productions can make you a winner!

Our Vision

To become the Leader in Multimedia Production in Texas, and Revolutionize the Production Industry in Houston. 

Stephen Benavides - Matt Topolski

About Diet Productions

Diet Productions was founded by Stephen Benavides and Matt Topolski.  Benavides graduated with a degree in Applied Science and Multimedia involving all aspects of Media, Graphics and Video Production.  He worked in multiple fields in the production world including, graphic design, web design, video production and films. Stephen's graphic abilities extends further than your average Graphic Designer. Benavides received worldwide recognition after winning a Stevie Award for best overall website design in 2007, competing against Cambell’s Soup and Ralph Lauren’s Polo.  In addition to his graphic design expertise, Benavides has been involved in the production of multiple films and has won awards for short films he’s directed. Some of his most recognized clients include: Lebrada Nutrition, H-Texas Magazine,, Brazos Valley Brewery Co., Element Two Makeup, the Woodhouse Day Spa, and more. 

Matt Topolski is a Television Personality, Writer and Producer. He's been featured as a host on the popular Internet program, A Matter of Opinion and on the hit MCB Network editorial news show, Real Talk. Topolski starred in, A Tribute to Bing Crosby; a four hour Television Special which he wrote and directed along with Benavides for, The Bing & Friends Television Network.  Topolski has been a host for Legacy Fighting Championship MMA, now on HD Net, and is currently the lead host and play-by-play commentator for Primetime Boxing on Houston’s KUBE 57.  His impressive resume also includes involvement in the production of multiple short film projects, has starred, produced and directed commercials and was featured in New York's Today Magazine in March of 2010 as America's next Late Night Host.

Together Benavides and Topolski have combined to deliver their clients the absolute best in affordable, state-of-the-art, and full service production.  They are committed to making each production for their clients an unforgettable experience.